Photography with Micro Kickboard at Maggie Daley Park

Our entire family owns Micro Kickboard scooters.  YES! Thomas and I have them too.  Also Yes, we ride them to meetings and quick trips around the neighborhood, without the kids. Our love is that strong.  So, when we heard that Maggie Daley and Micro Kickboard were teaming up, we knew it would be an amazing collaboration!

We have lived in Chicago for 12 years and it always finds ways to remind us how much we love this city.  Everyday can be an adventure and a discovery of something fun and new. Maggie Daley Park has been on of the newest installments of "Why TK LOVES Chicago!"

Maggie Daley's  skating ribbon offers year round skating for Chicagoans and tourist.  In the winter, it is a frozen for a joyful ice skating experience. The rest of the year? Bring your roller skates, inline skates or scooter to zip around the closed course.  Best part is it is completely free to bring your gear and take full advantage of the ribbon! If you don't own any of those, you can rent them from the park. Which brings us to the icing on the cake.  Maggie Daley now rents out our favorite scooters, Micro Kickboards.

We were invited to do some marketing photos for the collaboration by take the kiddos for a spin on the ribbon and test out a couple of the rental scooters.  If you can't tell from the photos, the kids had a blast and took full advantage of an empty ribbon and their dad taking photos!

Check out our favorites below.  Micro Kickboard will also be sharing our photos on their Facebook and Instagram platforms!


Adair is 19 months old and fits the Mico Mini like a Pro.

We also just got this ADORABLE pink and purple Elephant helmet.

Griff is 5.5 years old and zooms on a Micro Maxi Deluxe .

Thomas and I both zip on Micro Blacks. 

Find out more about Maggie's Daley's Micro Kickboard Rentals on their website.

Looking to purchase a new scooter for your family?  Check out Micro Kickboard or buy them locally at an independent toy store like Timeless Toys or Building Blocks Toy Store.

Do you have have a fun amazing brand and are in need of photos?  We would love to do commercial photography for you!