Partners, Fundraisers, Sponsorships, & Charity

A few of our current partners that we love are...


We love our partners! Partners are businesses, groups, and services that are looking to team up with our business.

Partnership for us can look a few different ways:

  • TK’s partners share each others logos during promotional events (or just for fun!) on social media platforms.
  • Our partners or TK Photography may provide a service in exchange for promotion on social media, newsletters, and/or event material.
  • On top of social media promotion, we can also exchange services with our partners.

To be considered and to work out the details of a sponsorship, please email us!


Fundraising programs are for schools, organizations, and teams. We would love to help you in a creative way to raise funds for your group.

  • A recent example of a fundraiser we supported was a photobooth with digital downloads available for donation with a 50/50 profit split with the organization.
  • A mini session day could be negotiated where a portion of the proceeds would go towards your fundraiser.

Please contact us to discuss the specific details of your fundraising needs!


Sponsorships are for typically for schools, benefit events, charities, or other organizations. In exchange for our sponsorship of your organization, our logo may be placed on event material, shared on social media platforms, and/or printed materials (supplied by us) to be distributed. While we would love to take an unlimited number of photographs for all of our favorite groups, we only sponsor a select number per year. We consider sponsoring the events of our current clients ahead of other inquiries. A few examples of sponsorship from TK Photography might be:

  • Event Photography
  • Photobooth
  • Discounted Photographic Services
  • Donated Photo Sessions or Gift Certificates

Contact us with your photography budget and we can try to work something out to meet your needs!

Charitable Contributions:

We consider charitable contributions for not for profits and charities. The amount of charities we give to is limited per year. We consider the charities of our current clients ahead of other inquiries. Our usual contribution to charities is:

  • Donated Photo Sessions or Gift Certificates for raffle or auction

To inquire about your charity event, contact us!