Sabrina Medora: Writer, Eater, and Storyteller (Chicago Photographer | Chicago, IL)

Thomas had the amazing pleasure to photograph Sabrina Medora, who will be featured in Chicago Women's Magazine in 2018! We wanted to extend our excitement about her feature!

She is a writer, eater, and storyteller! She works closely with Billy Sunday, where her head shots were taken, as well as working with The Berghoff!  According to Medora herself, "She dedicates her work to telling the stories of those who devote their souls to the kitchen, her mission is to steer the conversation around food to something more personal and meaningful" To access more of her writing click the link to her website- Sabrina Medora

Session Type  |  Headshot  |  Photographer  |  Thomas  |  Location  |  Billy Sunday |  Date  |  12/17/2017  |  Season  |  Fall