Style Your Session | With Caroline & Her Family

One of the most popular questions we receive is for outfit tips! Caroline and her family are featured on this Style Your Session blog and we hope that you can be inspired to make your choices easier!

Caroline's family session was at The Guesthouse Hotel. We loved the mainly neutral pallet with a hint of pink to highlight her littlest one for her first birthday!

Tell us a little about how you chose the outfits and why you loved them! 

So for Charlotte's 6 month photo shoot I knew finding the outfits was going to be a little more challenging.  Which ever kid the photo shoot is centered around is whose outfit always gets picked out first.  It was the middle of winter so certain things weren't going to work.  I didn't want to do any type of an outfit that was a onesie, not matter how cute it was because I don't like the look of that tucked into pants or a skirt.  I also didn't want to do a dress because i always wind up adjusting how it is laying when an infant is sitting up in a dress.  That left me with pants of some sort and a long sleeve shirt that wasn't going to be tucked in, but could have an undershirt onesie under it for warmth reasons.  So i went to Nordstrom Rack to look for something else unrelated and decided to go to the kids section.  I found Charlotte's Burberry shirt there on a deal too good to pass up for a super cute long sleeve shirt that wasn't a onesie!  I loved that it was a color but also had a neutral feel to it and would pair well with neutrals.  

From there i just worked on the rest of the outfit and everyone else's. Charlotte had a pair of Baby Gap white jeans that were a hand me down from Avery that looked great with the shirt and then we got her rose colored freshly picked moccasins to finish off the outfit. Avery had a Gap sweater that was neutral with little specks of gold woven into it already in her closet that worked well, so found a pair of light pink Gap jeans that with the help of a salmon/light pink bow tied her outfit into Charlottes perfectly. Robert I knew would just wear dark jeans from Old Navy that he had regardless of what Charlotte was going to wear. Once I found Charlotte's shirt I knew I wanted him in a neutral top but some how include a pop of pink/coral/salmon. From Christmas he had an Old Navy neutral button down sweater that I thought would work if I could find the right shirt for under. To be honest I was looking for a button down shirt for him, but I was not having any luck at all finding that. When I was looking at Rue La La one day they had a big kids sale and I looked and found a coral colored tee shirt that as soon as I saw I knew would provide just the small pop of color he needed for the pictures. As for Matt and I we just wore jeans that were in our closet and I wanted both of us in a very neutral shirt. I found my ivory shirt at Nordstrom and then paired it with dark brown Tory Burch boots from my closet. Matt's grey sweater was from in his closet.


What was most important for you when considering what to dress your family in?

For me picking out the outfits is something I try to start thinking about a month or more before the photo shoot. Sometimes I even have outfits in mind before I schedule the actual shoot! I try to have the kids in pretty basic outfits. If the top has a pattern at all to it then the bottom is plain and vice versa. We have also done quite a few photo shoots with TK so I try to choose the main color to be something we haven't done before....which is getting very hard to do! My favorite pictures have always been the ones where the outfits are very neutral with just a pop of color on most everyone. The most important thing is always if the outfit is something that the kids are going to be comfortable in and not try to take off or complain that it is itchy, or doesn't move well, etc. If the kids aren't comfortable then no matter how cute the outfits might be, the pictures aren't going to turn out good.

Is there anything you would have chosen differently, looking back at the images now?

Looking back on the pictures I am very happy with how everything turned out. To be completely honest there is only one thing I would do differently, and that is I would have taken Robert and Avery's shoes off. Some of the pictures you see the bottom on their shoes, which just isn't a pretty look. Its hard when it is the winter to remember that you don't want to see the bottom of shoes because you are just worried about keeping everyone warm, but there are one or two pictures that the first thing I see is the bottom on Avery's shoes. :(

Where did you look for ideas, inspiration, or tips?

For inspiration as to what everyone was going to wear I first looked at pictures of the space that we were going to take our pictures at.  Some times there can be a color that really stands out in the space that could clash with other colors or inspire you to pick a certain color to wear.  After that I look in the kids closets to see if they have something that I love that would work in that space....if not then off to the stores and internet I go to try to find something!  In the past I have looked on Pinterest for inspiration with the outfits, but I have been finding it a little over whelming so I stayed away from it this last time.