Style Your Session | With Micha & Her Family

So many clients ask what to wear for your family session, that we decided to create a special blog to help our client's out! Like we've said before, instead of giving you specific outfit directions, our style is to capture your style. Hopefully you can be inspired by Micha's outfit coordination and make your choices easier!

Micha and her family wore blues and yellows for their session near Buckingham Fountain. We love the pop of yellow in their outfits and that each member still showcases their own little style.


When choosing clothes for a photo session, whose outfit did you choose first?

I typically choose my outfit first and build around that. I want to make sure I'm comfortable and happy with the style and fit that I get and that I am not settling for something that fits what everyone else has, since for the time being no one else in the family cares what I choose for them. Only because I tend to stress the day of pics over how the kids will be, if they get dirty, all the typical mom thoughts and don't want to add one other thing for me to think about. 😊


Tell us a little bit about each outfit and why you loved it.

The idea behind this years clothes was to choose things that all of us would typically wear. (although my outfit was supposed to have a blue cardigan over it, but it was too hot, so I just went with it) For the boys we just found blue shirts that they liked and would be able to wear for the rest of the summer...super simple dressing them. I didn't have anything blue but knew we needed a complimentary color so I searched my closet and found my yellow shirt and blue flower necklace, and didn't have to buy a thing for me, which NEVER happens but I was thrilled. Going forward I will always check the closet before I go out and search for a whole new outfit! As for our daughter I couldn't find what I wanted so I went to the fabric store and found the bottom half of her dress fabric and LOVED it, so after about an hour worth of time, I had her little maxi dress finished and we both loved it!

What was the most difficult part of deciding what to wear for your session?

Finding the first piece of clothing no matter who's I find first is the hardest, once I find something that's in my vision for all of us then it gets easy! Plus we always do our pics on the tale end of a season so finding something that fits the ever changing weather can sometimes through me for a loop!

What was most important for you when considering what to dress your family in?


Is there anything you would have chosen differently, looking back at the images now?

Not sure 😊 I will let you know when I see them, I just hope I don't look like a hoochie momma without my cardigan!

Where did you look for ideas, inspiration, or tips?


If you don't mind sharing, where did you purchase the outfits from your session?

The boys shirts are from old navy, sons jeans are levi's and husbands jeans are Lucky Brand, my shirt is from Express, necklace from Charmin Charlies, Jeans Victoria Secret, and my daughters dress is home made 😊