Style Your Session | With Allyson & Her Family

We get so many questions about what to wear for your family session, that we decided to create a special blog to help our client's out! Instead of giving you specific outfit directions, our style is to capture your style. We're asking our client's a few questions about their outfit coordination and choices that will hopefully inspire and help you make your clothing decisions much easier! Today, we're featuring Allyson and her family!

Allyson's family are long time clients of Thomas. This session, they took the family to Montrose Harbor to get some beach shots with five year old, Ethan. We love the family's coordinating but not "matchy" outfits. The colors are perfect for the beach!

Tell us a bit about why you chose the outfits.

I had a dress in mind that I had planned on wearing and in the eleventh hour decided to make the switch to jeans and a top. I knew we wanted some of our photos sitting down and I just couldn't come up with how that would translate on camera! My 4.5 year old is currently in a (long!) phase of only wanting to wear "soft pants" which means anything with a button or zipper was out so I knew I had to be strategic when selecting our outfits. My husbands standard outfit is a button down and jeans so I knew that would be easy. I also wanted some shots with no shoes on as we were taking pictures at the beach!

When choosing clothes for a photo session, whose outfit did you choose first?

My sons! Isn't it so much more fun to buy clothes for your kids?!

Tell us a little bit about each outfit and why you loved it.

I love camo on my son. You can't be nearly as creative with boys clothes as you can with little girls so I feel like it adds a little bit of "flair" :) I also almost always dress him in blue as it accents his bright blue eyes (that he got from his dad who usually always wears blue also!)

What was the most difficult part of deciding what to wear for your session?

How to select things that "went" with each other without being too matchy matchy! I have a pictures of my family from childhood and everyone is in pink - literally everyone. The men, women, kids - even the dog got one of my big pink hair bows clipped on to his collar for the picture!

What was most important for you when considering what to dress your family in?

Comfort is key. We did our photos at Montrose Beach and I knew there would be a lot of walking. Plus because of the location I knew we would look silly if we were all dressed out amongst the people there sunning in their bathing suits!

Is there anything you would have chosen differently, looking back at the images now?

Honestly, I had my hair blown out and it looked good for the first couple of shots but with the beachy air I probably should have used more hairspray as the curl sort of fell out.

Where did you look for ideas, inspiration, or tips?

Where does anyone look for ideas these days? Pinterest!