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For the Love of Cake!!!

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After over 5 years of monthly Smash Cake Mini Sessions, we kind of think we are cake connoisseur. For the majority of those 5 years we have used Westtown Bakery and Diner for our Smash Cakes. Our top 5 reasons we love Westtown Cakes

  1. VEGAN and They work with most allergies- The biggest concern as Children Photographers is health and safety. When it comes to a babe’s first cake experience, we understand that they may be coming in with allergies or the potential of having a bad reaction. Working with a bakery who gets that was top of our list. They have worked with us on 99% of our special allergy requests. Most importantly, their standard cake is Vegan, which takes out a large number of our concerns for reactions!
  2. TASTE- We have often heard vegan cakes noted as “great for a vegan cake!” Westtown Bakery cakes are the best cakes we have tasted. PERIOD. No disclaimer needed. Our clients, photographers, and even our own kids are obsessed with Westtown Bakery’s cakes. Parents have been seen trying to scrap together remnants of an imploded cake in order to take them home!
  3. CUSTOMER SERVICE- Westtown Bakery has amazing communication and is always responsive and collaborative. Coordinating 20+ cakes every month is no small task and they make it easy and fun to work with them!
  4. DESIGNS- We have worked with them to get the perfect Smash Cake down. The times that we have asked for something out of the box, they have delivered beyond what we were looking for.
  5. STRONG MISSION- Westtown Bakery aims to use locally sourced and sustainable ingredients and products. Supporting businesses that support our community is incredibly important to us.

Want a Westtown Bakery Cake for your next in-studio session? Just ask us how to have one delivered straight to our studio. It is a piece of cake.


Paris312 Birthday Party

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We are ecstatic to add Paris312 to the list of favorite event spaces! This party was our second event in this space and we are official IN LOVE. Lyla’s 1st Birthday was stunning and fun for every guest.

Instagram: @shopparis312

Photographer: Juan Carlos

Photographed by Veronica | © 2017 TK Photography | www.tkphotographychicago.com

In Studio Newborn Posing Session (Chicago Photographer | Chicago, IL)

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