Thanksgiving Break

Every November I find myself counting down to Thanksgiving.  Not because I love Thanksgiving,  but because it is the first weekend in 3 months that our family gets to spend together.  We get to spend that day being thankful for a successful Fall Season and growing business. We are grateful to be able to take the time to breathe in how fortunate we are to work with amazing clients; who bring us their unique, gorgeous children with incredible personalities.  AND take the time to be especially appreciate the lifestyle that we have where we can simultaneously can both work hard and be present for our son.  

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Running a business is HARD.  I have come to like the term “It is not always easy but it is always WORTH it.”  I want the world to know how much we love our work/clients/partners but I also want people to know how hard we work for them.  In order to turn down as little inquiries as possible, turn around sessions for holiday cards in record time,  and have a variety of sessions, mini sessions, and work with all of you beautiful people; we have to WORK.   If it were easy,  it wouldn’t be called work right?!?!  For us this means that we often aren’t getting very much sleep,  we are spending less time together as a family,  we are turning down lots of serious fun in order to keep our train on track.  So, I count down to Thanksgiving,  because once we hit the Michigan border it is 3-4 days of family, love, recharging, and eating food that I did not have to cook (errr.  I mean order).  

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This year we have turned down several “Thanksgiving” sessions for ALL of our photographers, so that our entire team can enjoy this time with their loved ones.  We have passed on the names of some of our favorite photographers who might be available, and we have told our team to take the time to be thankful for the busy fall season we have just had and the family and friends who have supported us in the wings because we were busy making images for your families.  

I know in the past we have done a big promotion over that weekend and that so many of our clients come to look forward to it,  but this year we are not going to have a promotion for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday.  That would mean we would have to work on a weekend we have declared will be for our families to have all of us, not just our presence in a room while we field emails and run credit cards.  Instead,  we want you to enjoy your families,  or even enjoy going out and shopping at some of our amazing local brick and mortar stores (happy to recommend a few!).  And look forward to our end of the year promotions that will take place the first week of December...after we all enjoy our families for a few days!

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