What to Expect at your Smash Cake Mini Session!

Smash cake sessions are a unique experience! They're a lot of fun, but maybe you're not sure what could possibly happen in 30 minutes?! We thought we would share some information about your upcoming smash cake mini!

The basics!

Our Smash Cake Minis are 30 minutes! We set up balloons and banners that match the photo of the outfit that you send us! When the birthday baby arrives, the photographer snaps a few  photos without the cake while your little one warms up and tries to figure out what’s going on! After that, some parents like to do an outfit change before the big reveal! We bring out the cake and capture your child’s reaction!

What does your birthday baby think about cake?

All kids are unique so their reaction to a colorful, sugary cake will depend on their personality! Having expectations about their reaction may set you up for surprises. Some babies love the cake, some pick at the frosting, some smoosh it right away, some wait a few minutes! We won’t know until we show them the cake and it’s always interesting to see the different reactions.

Lights, Camera….ACTION

Many smash cake babes won’t sit perfectly still, and that’s okay! We capture the action as it comes: The balloon eating, the crawling away, the big bites, the crying, the singing and the clapping!

The Mess!

It’s all about the mess, that’s why you’re coming in the first place- isn’t it?! By the end, there will likely be cake on their clothes, in their hair, on their nose, on the floor and definitely on you! The bigger the mess the better! The best part- the only thing you have to clean is your birthday kiddo!

For pricing, more information and upcoming dates, check out our Smash Cake Info Page.