Is a Mini Session Right for You?

Is a Mini Session Right for You?

One of our goals for TK Photography is to offer a wide variety of opportunity for our clients to get photos. This is why we offer so many mini session days and snap shots, in addition to our full, newborn, and event sessions. Mini Session Day Events are a great way to get a few images while spending both less time and less money on your session. Many of our clients do one full family session every year and then come back for these different mini sessions and snap shots as well. We LOVE this. However, mini sessions are not the best option for every situation, child, or family. There are some considerations that we would like you to make before signing up for one of our mini sessions.

Your Child's Temperament

We find that there is a spectrum of how children tackle their sessions. Some children are on fire at the first click. They are more adventurous and are all about this new experience. They also sizzle out faster. Then there are the children who take a minute to warm up to what is going on, where they are, what they are doing etc. These children know that their trust and smiles are precious and need to make sure this new person checks out before they can begin to get comfortable. If your child leans more towards the the side to fizzle out faster, a mini session is a great option for you. If your child needs more time to warm up to new situations, then you will want a full session to give them the time they need to feel free to be themselves.


If you want the flexibility to move your session, reschedule, and/or shoot at your desired location, then a full session is more likely what you are looking for. Mini session days are fun because we usually choose to do them surrounding popular themes and popular or unique locations. However, these days can not be rescheduled without a rescheduling fee. Meaning if you miss your slot, you lose your session fee or may have an opportunity to reschedule for an additional fee. Think of it like concert tickets, once you purchase them for that date and time, it is set in stone (unless the entire event is rescheduled). Note: With Flex Minis this does not apply. You have the same 2 hours notice policy as a full session BUT you can only schedule Monday-Friday at Winnemac Park.

The Amount of People in your Family

Mini Session Days are great for any size family depending on what you are hoping to get out of the session. If you have a 10 person family and only want a few shots, great! But if you also want individual shots of every member of the family, a longer session might be right for you.

Image Quantity

Most of our mini sessions deliver approximately 10-15 images, depending on the location, length, and theme. Full sessions average approximately 50 images delivered, although we do not limit or guarantee a certain number.


Some of our favorite spaces to shoot are those that mean something to you. So, full sessions would give the flexibility to choose your home or a park or location that you think will fit your family’s style. On the other hand, many locations require permit fees any where from $40-$150. For mini session days, we calculate these fees and divide them among several sessions. So that no one client is paying the full permit fee. It means that we get access to some great locations by leveraging the power of the group to make the permit fees more accessible to every family.

Time of Year

Extreme weather makes mini sessions a great choice in getting outdoor images. You can get a taste of the season and some great shots before the heat/cold becomes uncomfortable. You can see where we might have mini session days offered during these times on our website.

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