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SMASH CAKE MINIS! 🎉🎂 One of our favorite things to do is create the backdrops we use for our Smash Cakes. We use banners, balloons, backdrops, and cake color to match almost any outfit/theme. This floral banner is a huge hit, especially for spring. We love when we can interchange a few details to create something familiar but unique for each kiddo. Keeping things simple and fun is always our goal! March 27th Smash Cake Minis have a few spots left! You can grab one for your birthday kiddo in our link in bio! The next one is currently scheduled for June 4th but we are working on getting an April date in the books too! #ChicagoSmashCakeMinis #SmashCake #KISS #ChicagoChildrensPhotographer #Chicago #ChicagoMoms #ShareChicagoParent #BumpClubandBeyond #TKPhotographyChicago

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