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3 Reasons to Photograph in the TK Studio.

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Come into our Edgewater Studio! We have a ton of fun. Scroll to the bottom to see why a studio session might be a great idea for your next session!

  • No hassle. You show up at our studio and we are prepared and ready to capture those beautiful faces! No need to clean your home or worry about permits for on-location.
  • A simple look. Our studio style is meant to be clean and simple. Our focus is on capturing your child/family. So, outside of some specialty themes (Smash Cakes/Birthdays, Holidays) Our studio stays neutral so that your family and style are what stands out! You are always welcome to bring anything you believe makes your session more personalized. You can also utilize some of the rugs, creates, and rolls of colored paper to bring out a different vibe!
  • It is an intimate space. Have a kiddo who might be overwhelmed by a public location but don’t want to do a session at home? The studio is perfect. You have our space to yourself and can focus just on your photos and not managing your child in public.

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE photographing on location and in homes as well! We just recognize that every family has different needs and goals. Often the needs and goals change over time and may find you doing sessions in the studio, on location, AND in your home over time!

Email us at to book your next studio session!

Photographed by Veronica Powell | © 2015 TK Photography |

Aggie’s Adorable Tutu! (Chicago Smash Cake Photographer | Chicago, IL)

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Photographed by Sandy Frias | © 2015 TK Photography |

Smash Cake with Liam! (Chicago Smash Cake Photographer | Chicago, IL)

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