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Learning is fun and so is photographing it! Laughing while learning math?!?!? Unheard of, until we spent the afternoon doing marketing photos with @sam_lincolnpark and @macaroni_kid_chicago. Introduced to us as “Chicago’s secret mathematics weapon,” a single afternoon made us believers in their Singapore Math approach.. We have one math lover and one reluctant mathematician. BOTH kids left chattering about how much fun they had learning. If you need more proof, check out all the giggles and smiles in the photos. Read more about @sam_lincolnpark on @macaroni_kid_chicago blog. #MacKidChicago #Math #LearningisFun #MathTutor #Tutoring #mathteacher #MathRocks #ChicagoBusiness #ChicagoKidsPhotographer #marketingphotos

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