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Not a planned post, but I was thinking about this photo and thought we could reminisce on when we won the biggest prize we have ever won at a @bumpclubandbeyond event. Thomas snapped this photo of me, and it is one of my favorite photos. @lindsaypinchuk pulled my name for a crib and changing table that would become, by far, the nicest piece of baby furniture we owned 🤣 Both kids used it for a total of maybe 14 days (COMBINED) because who wants to sleep alone when you can snuggle mama! But it was beautiful to have in our apartment, AND we still have it stored in the basement of the studio because I love it so much. Maybe one day our grandchildren can refuse to sleep in it.❤️🤣😜 #chicagokidsphotographer #chicagobaby #chicago #chicagoevents #chicagofamilyphotography

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