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🎭🍼 Spotlight on Stage! 🍼🎭 A standing ovation for Emily from @Stageschi as she introduces a new leading lady to the world! 🌟👶 Welcome to the “show,” baby Addie! 🌎💡 @emilyatstages, you’ve lit up our lives and brought immense joy and wonder to our children’s lives. We have no doubt that with you as her guiding star, Addie will have the world as her stage and a lifetime of encores. 🎤👩‍👧 Can’t wait for Act II (aka more adorable photos!) 📸 #NewStarOnTheBlock #BroadwayBaby #WorldsGreatestShow #MomsTheWord #StagesChicagoMama #ChicagoNewbornPhotographer #NewbornPhotographer #ChicagoNewborns #WelcometotheWorld

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