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There’s no place quite like Montrose Harbor Bird Sanctuary when it comes to capturing those perfect family moments. Every time we shoot there, the sanctuary always provides a flawless backdrop. If you’re planning a visit, here are 3 quick tips to make your photography session smooth and memorable: 1️⃣ Parking Alert! 🚗 – Paid parking has been introduced recently. Make sure you’re prepared with a payment method. 2️⃣ Beach Vibes 🏖️ – If you’re venturing onto the beach, pack appropriate footwear. Those sandy shots are worth it, but comfort is key! 3️⃣ For Our Furry Friends 🐾 – As much as we love our four-legged pals, remember that dogs aren’t allowed in the sanctuary. Let’s respect the space for our feathered friends. Happy photographing, everyone! 📷💖 #MontroseHarbor #FamilyPhotos #PhotographyTips #ChicagoFamilyPhotographer #ChicagoChildrensPhotographer #FallPhotos #ChicagoPhotographer #ChicagoMoms #ChicagoFamilies

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