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Craving some motivation to explore our incredible city? We are absolutely thrilled to join forces with @macaroni_kid_chicago for an exciting summer Scavenger Hunt for Families. Every week, we’ll provide you with thrilling clues that will lead you to Chicago’s most beloved landmarks. Show us some solid proof that you’ve visited the designated spot that week, and you’ll earn an entry into our MASSIVE end-of-summer giveaway! Brace yourself for the chance to win a TK Family Session and jaw-dropping prizes from our incredible sponsors. (Stay tuned for the full list, it’s seriously impressive!) AND stay tuned throughout the summer, we have loads of mini-giveaways planned to keep the excitement flowing. Hurry and sign up today (Link in bio!) to grab the first clue this weekend!! (Remember, you’ve got a whole week to make your way to the spot and capture an epic photo!) Save and share with friends who need a little motivation to get out and explore this summer!! #chicago #Chicagokids #ChicagoFamilies #Chicaogthingstodo #MKTKSummerHunt #MacaroniKidChicago

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